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Navigating workplace challenges or pursuing career advancement? ‘Coaching with Mona’ offers specialized Canada Career Counseling tailored to your individual journey. Serving Toronto and the GTA, we assist professionals at all levels—from newcomers to seasoned executives. Our coaching encompasses a spectrum of needs, such as conflict management, career shifts, increasing influence, and ascending the corporate ladder.

Our services are accessible throughout Toronto and the GTA, with the added convenience of online sessions to suit your lifestyle. Each coaching encounter is personalized, designed to sync with your timetable and ambitions. Whether you’re in search of strategic sessions or comprehensive, ongoing support, our team at ‘Coaching with Mona’ is dedicated to your professional empowerment and satisfaction.


Our Approach to Career Coaching in Toronto with Canada Career Counseling

At ‘Coaching with Mona’, we embrace a personalized approach to career coaching in Toronto, deeply rooted in the context of Canada’s vibrant job landscape. Serving the greater Toronto area, we specialize in crafting bespoke career pathways that resonate with the unique aspirations of each client. Whether it’s bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be or scaling new professional heights, our Canada Career Counseling services are designed to unlock your potential. Join us in Toronto for a journey of transformation and empowerment that redefines success on your terms.

Empowering Professionals through career Counseling

Integrating Career Counseling Expertise

  • Leadership Evolution: Enhance your leadership qualities for career progression. Ascending the 
  • Career Ladder: Tactical approaches for professional promotion. 
  • Conflict Navigation: Effective strategies for resolving workplace disputes. 
  • Seamless Career Shifts: Ease into new roles or jobs with confidence. 
  • Political Acumen: Navigate complex workplace politics and challenging authority.
  • Bullying Countermeasures: Foster a respectful, safe work environment. Harmonizing 
  • Work & Life: Find the perfect balance between your career and personal realms.
  • Communication Breakthroughs: Elevate workplace interactions and mutual understanding.
  • Feedback Fluency: Cultivate skills in offering and receiving valuable feedback. Customized 
  • Success Blueprints: Bespoke solutions for improved focus and time management. 
  • Life-Event Adaptability: Manage the impact of personal changes on your career path. 
  • Family-Work Integration: Seamlessly adjust your career during key family milestones

Career Consulting in Canada: Your Questions Answered

Navigating Career Consulting in Canada: Answers to Your Top Questions


Career Consulting is a strategic ally in your professional journey, especially within the dynamic Canadian job market. In Canada, where industries are diverse and opportunities are plentiful but competitive, a Career Consultant can offer you the insights and guidance needed to stand out. Whether you’re a recent graduate, a seasoned professional considering a career transition, or new to the Canadian workforce, a Career Consultant can provide you with tailored strategies to achieve your career aspirations. From understanding local market trends and networking effectively to navigating the nuances of workplace culture and enhancing your personal branding, Career Consulting is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to maximize their career potential in Canada.

Career Counseling is a professional service designed to help individuals understand their career options, set professional goals, and develop actionable plans. At ‘Coaching with Mona’, our Career Counseling services in Canada offer guidance to navigate your career path successfully.

Career Counseling is for anyone at a career crossroads, whether you’re starting out, facing a transition, or looking to advance. Our Canada Career Counseling services are tailored to professionals at every stage.


We begin with a comprehensive assessment to understand your unique situation and objectives, ensuring our Career Counseling aligns with your personal and professional aspirations in Canada.


Our Career Counseling covers career exploration, skill assessment, market analysis, resume building, interview preparation, and networking strategies, to name a few.


The duration of Career Counseling varies depending on individual needs. ‘Coaching with Mona’ offers flexible programs that can range from a single session to an ongoing relationship.


Yes, Career Counseling is ideal for those considering significant changes. We provide the tools and support to explore new fields and make informed decisions.


Expected outcomes include enhanced clarity about career paths, improved job-seeking abilities, strategies for professional growth, and overall better career satisfaction.


Yes, ‘Coaching with Mona’ provides remote Career Counseling services across Canada, ensuring access to our expert guidance no matter where you’re located.

Transformations Inspired by Coaching with Mona

Client Success Stories

Explore the success stories of Toronto professionals who’ve soared in their careers with ‘Coaching with Mona’. Our testimonials showcase the power of our career coaching, career development, and dedication to client success. Be inspired by their transformative journeys

tina Thd
tina Thd
Mona is an outstanding professional career coach. Her guidance and expertise have been pivotal in shaping her client’s career paths. I highly recommend Mona’s mentorship to anyone seeking guidance. She is not just a great coach but also a fantastic person to work with. Thank you for everything!
Maryam Darvishi
Maryam Darvishi
I know Mona for over 14 years. We went to business school together. I never forget my first impression of her. A bright, sharp, smart and motivated member of every class. Over the years, I have witnessed her hard work in professional world and career building. A real hard worker, disciplined and goal-oriented person. Before I moved to Canada I have always watched her informational you tube videos on life, career and day-to-day challenges in Canada which helped me tremendously. Also, without hesitation, she genuinely guided me one-on-one on Canada’s job market and what could be best for me in terms of career path. Even just walking with her in the city and having a casual conversation could be educational or informative. I am always learning from her and look up to her as a professional and a person.
sara banihashem
sara banihashem
Best career coach one can have. she's a genuine and dedicated coach with outstanding services.
Elham Morshedi
Elham Morshedi
Mona's efficiency, accuracy, and professionalism in her work were exceptional. The logical flow of our conversation was made possible by her well-structured thought process. As a career advisor, she was able to simplify complicated concepts into manageable steps, providing clear direction moving forward. She also had a great ability to listen and understand my needs. Mona was patient and understanding, and she made me feel comfortable and confident. Her advice was invaluable. I strongly recommend her!
shiva moini
shiva moini
Working with Mona has been a great experience for me, its about her unique & personalized approach that will maximize your professional potential.If you really need to take that step , learn & progress she is The One!!
Ben Daftari
Ben Daftari
Best career coach one can have. She goes above and beyond to make sure you succeed in your interview.
Atoosa Teymouri
Atoosa Teymouri
I had the opportunity to work with a Mona who demonstrated a commendable level of organization, precision, and approachability. Her thought process appeared well-structured, allowing our discussions to flow logically and effectively. She possessed the ability to distill complex career concepts into manageable steps, providing a clear direction moving forward.
Masoud Bagheri
Masoud Bagheri
Mona is an outstanding job coach. Her expertise in career development, practical advice, and positive attitude set her apart. She's responsive, approachable, and genuinely invested in her clients' success. I highly recommend Mona to anyone in need of effective guidance for their career journey.
Mona’s passion for helping others shines through in every interaction. She effortlessly connects with her clients, creating a comfortable and supportive environment for personal and professional growth. With her genuine care and expertise, she is sure to make a positive impact on many lives.
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